Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sexy Underarms

Secret has a new add out. It's about their Secret Flawless antipersperant (or deodorant). The catch phrase is "Getting Sexy Underarms is No Sweat...because you're hot!".

Seriously? Sexy underarms? Is that really necessary? I highly doubt that men waste their time rating the passing women on how sexy their underarms are. "Say, Jim, check out Susie's legs. Whoo-eee, and that money-maker is outta this world! And her pits - *wolf whistle*".

It would be nice to get some slack on at least one part of our bodies. We're expected to regain our 17 year old bodies after having 3 kids. We dye our hair to hide the natural shade it turns as we mature. We diet ourselves sick. We go to our bi-monthly appointments to rip the hair out of our follicles. Women hide their stretch marks, go under the knife for the extra flap of skin that resulted from bearing babies, buy bras designed to lift and separate (and cost almost as much as a mortgage payment) and for what? Health? Themselves? Nope - for fear that men, or worse, other women, will look down their noses and pronounce them unattractive.

Cut us some slack, Secret. Your ad is the pits.

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