Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moms Gone Wild

Every spring there is a homeschool conference.  I love to go.  It's a time to be 
encouraged, reenergized, and to remember why we've committed to homeschool
in the first place.  Educating one's own children is a hard job, one that requires some sacrifice,
and that absolutely tests a mother's patience and (sometimes) sanity.  But it is an important job, and
immensely rewarding.  Encouragement is not only beneficial, but necessary.

Most times I go to the conference with Rich.  This time I went with my friend, Emily.  It was raining.
We could feel the car lift and slosh from the puddles, so Emily was driving below the speed limit.  
Suddenly, in what seems like the blink of an eye and incredibly slow all at once, we fish-tailed
along the highway, did a 360 degrees and smashed front first into the guardrail.  The guardrail
post snapped off, we skidded to a stop facing the wrong way and just sat for a second.
We were fine.  Not a scratch.  No whiplash.  Baby (Emily's pregnant) seemed good.  I was still
holding my apple in my hand.

Considering the car, it's a miracle we walked away absolutely unharmed.

We only sat there for a few seconds before a nice lady came to the window and dialed 911 for help.
A DOT truck was just going by, and parked his car with arrow flashing to divert traffic.
The lady's husband directed cars away from us, and the RCMP was there in no time.  The officer was 
very sweet, shared her gum with us, had us sit in the back of the cruiser, and later drove us to the 
rental car place.

We pressed on to the conference since there really was no reason to go home.  Emily got a door prize
for having wrecked her car!  Good things from bad, right?

This brings me to my first 33 New to Me:

Riding in the back of a police car!

Help!  We're locked in here!

The next day was beautiful, sunny, and hot.  
We stuffed ourselves at the restaurant, prepared to go home, and...
locked the keys in the trunk of the car!!

This was not our weekend.

Our "Are you kidding me?!" faces

I am so thankful that we weren't harmed.  I'm convinced that God played a hand in that one, undoubtedly.
We should have been hurt.  There could have been another car involved.  We could have skidded to
a stop in the middle of the highway instead of safely on the shoulder.  It could have been night
and we could have rolled the car into the ditch to stay undiscovered 'til morning.

But we didn't.  Our husbands still have their wives, and our children are not motherless.

Thank you, Lord.

This gives me another chance to update my life insurance.