Friday, February 26, 2010

Birth Talk Woodstock

I've been working on a project for the last couple years (I know! Years! I'm slow on the get go!). Now, I've finally gotten it off the ground:

Birth Talk Woodstock

We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month. The aim is to create a place for all women who are interested in learning more about pregnancy, childbirth, baby's first year and exchange ideas and learn from each other. I wanted it to be a place where women could be heard, and also a place to showcase the different businesses and services available to Woodstock area women and their families. I've spoken to different business owners and so far I have quite a few who are interested in coming and presenting their wares. Birth Talk does have a more "natural" feel to it, simply because I felt that there was plenty of support for women who lean more toward conventional birth, but not much support for women seeking alternatives.

Last meeting we watched The Business of Being Born. Next meeting we are having a registered massage therapist come do a presentation on prenatal & infant massage. I'm looking forward to it...I'm her model!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Rant - Saying It Like It Is

I don't want to blog today, and in fact, I haven't wanted to for the last month or so. I do feel some sort of responsibility to update, since this is a way for my family and friends to see what our family is up to, how the kids are growing, and what's new with us Pattersons.

I haven't wanted to update my Facebook profile, either. A few weeks ago I deleted most of my profile and blocked most of my information. I felt a very important need to make my life and thoughts private. It's not so much that I don't want to share what is going on with me. Rather, it's that I was told that when I post articles about natural birth, breastfeeding or question the status-quo regarding parenting, spirituality, the medical system, school system, (read: anything that is important to me and that I deal with on a daily basis), that I am judgemental and make others feel badly with my guilt-trips. Okay.

So, my Facebook page is not my own. I am now responsible for what links my friends decide to follow. I must protect their minds from my beliefs and make them feel good by ignoring my own beliefs and interests. I am everybody's mother.

And so it is with life. We're encouraged to participate in the whole "Freedom of speech" movement, but only if it doesn't step on any toes, only if it is politically correct, and only so long as our audience is kept happy and carefree. Strong opinions? Keep them to yourself. Questions that rock the boat? Shut up. Truth in statistics and research? Obviously bogus that I found on some Earth Mama blog.

Remember the scene in The Incredibles when the mom tells the boy (Flash? Dash?), "Everybody's special." and he says, "Yeah, that's just another way of saying no one is." That's how I feel about thoughts lately. Everyone is allowed their own opinions, but no one is obliged to agree, listen or even care. It's all "well, that might be true for you, but not for me". No one has truth anymore. If you don't want to believe something, even if it's straight from the Gospel, then all you have to do is squeeze your eyes tight, and wish it away and say, "No! I don't want to believe that! It's not true! I want something easier, something that makes me feel good about me!" and POOF! Done deal. You can have your truth.

And truth means nothing.

Later, when we look around for our answers, we'll find that we're floating around in a sea of wishes, pipe-dreams and feel-good moments that have no substance. It will have felt good then, but it will mean nothing.

So, Facebook is gone. I comment once in a while on how cute a new baby is, or I might use the instant messaging or chat. I am not going to share my opinions or post articles (even the really great ones). I want to be able to talk and share and be honest. Hopefully this blog is okay for that. After all, if you don't like it, relief is just a click of a little red X away.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pennies and Dimes

Maddie is learning about counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. In keeping with Saxon's program, we made a little grocery store where she could buy all kinds of goodies. Like sardines. Here's our little set-up.

Maddie and Eva practiced writing their numbers by making tags. The prices aren't exactly realistic, but we only had so many dimes and pennies! I *wish* I could get cake mix for 23 cents!

Maddie is quickly getting the concept of dimes being 10 cents, pennies being 1 cent, etc. Making it into a game really helped get her focused on the lesson.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drumroll, Please!

I've been lazy with my blog, I know. I'm sorry.

Can I make it up to you? It's confession time!

Richard and I are pleased to announce that we're having another baby! These last couple months have been extremely taxing on me. I've been napping every day, hitting the sack by 9 pm, crying at those stupid security company commercials, and fighting (and sometimes losing) all-day morning sickness. Thankfully, we're wrapping up the first trimester this week, and it should (please, please, please) get better. Baby should make his/her appearance in August.

We're very excited! Now, not only will we be adding another little blessing to our family, but we'll be able to split the 12 packs of Popsicles evenly between the members of our household. You can't beat that!