Friday, February 26, 2010

Birth Talk Woodstock

I've been working on a project for the last couple years (I know! Years! I'm slow on the get go!). Now, I've finally gotten it off the ground:

Birth Talk Woodstock

We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month. The aim is to create a place for all women who are interested in learning more about pregnancy, childbirth, baby's first year and exchange ideas and learn from each other. I wanted it to be a place where women could be heard, and also a place to showcase the different businesses and services available to Woodstock area women and their families. I've spoken to different business owners and so far I have quite a few who are interested in coming and presenting their wares. Birth Talk does have a more "natural" feel to it, simply because I felt that there was plenty of support for women who lean more toward conventional birth, but not much support for women seeking alternatives.

Last meeting we watched The Business of Being Born. Next meeting we are having a registered massage therapist come do a presentation on prenatal & infant massage. I'm looking forward to it...I'm her model!

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