Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Can't Live Without You

My facebook status today read:

"What one thing can't you live without (and don't say food or air!)?"

Top runners were Jesus, God, freedom to worship, family, friends, love, books, the church....

Initially the answer to my own question was that I just can't live without a really good paring knife.  My sanity, and therefore safety, is also dependant on a pen and notepad - though any scrap piece of paper will do.

I'm reminded of a show I watched where the wife and husband are trying to reconnect by having a deep talk.  She says, "Let's talk about our fears.  Sometimes I get so afraid that we're drifting apart, and that we'll run out of things to say to each other.  My deepest fear is that we'll grow old and grow apart and that you'll look at me and wonder why we're still together, and that secretly you'll resent me for taking the best years of your life.  I couldn't bear that, I'm so scared of losing you.  What are you most afraid of?"

And he says, "Sharks."

It was interesting to see who cherished what, though.  I can't say that I was all that surprised by the answers.  After all, we live what we love.

I really do like paring knives and gel pens, but I'll give it some deeper thought.  I'm thinking my answer might change a bit once I do.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hurricane Arthur hurled into the maritimes a couple months ago.
The rain poured from the skies, although in all honesty it could very well
have come from the next town over as it blew in horizontally most of the day.
Trees were uprooted, power knocked out for over a week in some spots, and
businesses closed.  Grocery stores lost produce and meats, and 
many families had to cut their losses with refrigerated foods.

And my neighbours held a yard sale.

You can't tell but it was raining really, really hard.

And so, 33 new to me #3 - attending a yard sale in a hurricane.