Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parenting Ain't For Sissies

I enjoyed this article. Such truth! It's so hard to be a parent when we are overwhelmed with information - some relevant, some not-so-relevant. We live in such complicated times. Parenting used to be a heart and soul matter, where parents were required to look to themselves, their own mothers and fathers and the Bible to keep their children safe, healthy and happy. Now, parenting is ruled by "experts", studies and self-help books. Every decision we make is wrong in somebody's eyes. Every move we make will have studies for it and against it. There's no right anymore.

Here are some things that confuse me as a parent:

*sunscreen I know, right? Kids in Canada are Vitamin D deficient. Sun is good for them. But, gak, what about skin cancer? Does the Vitamin D need outweigh the risks of a possible cancer and chemical laced sun screen?

*discipline. To spank or not to spank, that is the question. Time out to cool down, or is that emotional deprivation (as some "experts" say)? Take away privileges, or is that emotional blackmail?

*crap food. My word for processed dinners and empty calories. How much is too much? When is it okay to crack open the KD? What if I top it with real cheese and sneak some pureed squash in there?

*routines. Is there security in routine, or are we training our children to be inflexible?

Geez. No wonder I'm stressed.

What are your parenting questions and dilemmas? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anyone in the Market for Another Wife?

I'm reading The 19th Wife. It's the story (or stories, since there are 2 different plots in one book, that I assume will merge somehow at the end) of a woman who is born into a family of early converts to the church of Latter Day Saints, back when they introduced polygamy into the religion. The co-story is set in present day and is about a "lost boy" who was excommunicated from "The Firsts" (what they call the group who split from the Mormons and kept up the plural marriage sacrament).

Any friend of mine knows how much I love a good historical fiction novel. Actually, I think this one is based on a true story...anyway.

In the book, they mention the website I checked it out, expecting a dead-end. Lo and behold, it's a real website. Their slogan is: "Where Good Pro-Polygamy Families Find More Wives" Seriously.

You'd think that with all the extra heads in the family to put together, they could come up with a better slogan than that.

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

I used only disposable diapers with the 3 older kids. This time, I thought I'd branch out and try the cloth diapers. I was rather surprised to find out that the higher end diapers are about $20 each! Luckily, I found some basic prefolds and covers through Baby Best Buy for much cheaper than that. I also made some using a free pattern on the internet, and used receiving blankets.

Cuteness! These are sweet and absorbent. They're harder to wash though, and dry slower since they are so thick.

My personal favourites: boring white prefolds with velcro cover. They may not look like much, but they're versatile, easy to wash, and easy to use.

I only have a half dozen covers, so my stash only lasts about a day before I have to launder them. Once I get my second order of covers, I'm hoping to only do an extra load twice a week or so.

I'm enjoying it though, and it is helping with the cost of diapers. Gen tends to get a little irritated in the bum area with the disposables, too, so double bonus for cloth!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Ends

Summer is ending. School has started (more on that soon). The evenings are cool, and it gets dark earlier. So, in a last ditch effort to hold on to the hot summer sun a little longer, we crammed in as many summer activities as we could into this year's last hot weather week.

We had campfires and stayed up late...

Ate many marshmallows...

Had a picnic at the park and climbed really big rocks...

And went river wading, our favourite summer activity.

It's been a good summer. I'll miss it.

3 Weeks Old

Geneviève is 3 weeks old, already! The time has just flown. She's more alert now, holding her head up a bit longer, and she's forming a bit of a schedule. I've even caught her looking at me with bemusement...not quite smiling, but with a definite twinkle in her eye. I weighed her a couple days ago, and she's a whopping 10 lbs!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reflections of Motherhood

I've been thinking of having a Birth Talk meeting on this subject, so I was glad I stumbled on the video. Looking back, and now, watching new moms, there's so much I would have liked to have told myself 6 years ago when Maddie was a baby. Hind sight is 20/20, I guess.

Some of the insights I could have used, back in the day:

*Don't try to do things according to everyone else's version of perfect. If it works for your family, then go for it.

*You know those Supermoms? No, you don't. What happens in their house is pretty close to what's happening at your house. We all have bad days.

*Nothing lasts forever. Soon enough, you'll be able to get some sleep, eat a meal while it's still hot and not get pooped and puked on.

*There's nothing wrong with taking a fun day. Leave the house chores for a bit, snuggle on the couch and read fairy tales, watch a fun movie together, paint rocks...reality will still be there tomorrow.

*Ask for help, and accept it when it's offered. You'll pay it forward someday.