Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Vacay

We missed Caton's Island last summer because of Richard's health.
It was so nice to be there again.  The weather was the best so far, 
especially considering that we were so used to having it pour at least
one day of the weekend.

What a difference this year!  The kids have grown a lot in the last 2 years,
and they were much more independent.  It was kind of nice not
to have to watch them every second of the day.  Of course, 
Gen is not nearly to that point.  She still needs constant 
supervision.  That may be her personality  more than her age.
The other kids felt pretty confident, and rode their bikes on the trails, 
hung out with friends, and participated in the activities.

Whereas two years ago the kids weren't really big enough for the ropes course or rock climbing,
this year they were able and willing.  Here's some snapshots:

Eva on the ropes course.

Graedon climbing the wall...and maybe cheating on the side a bit.

Zip-lining Maddie.

Maxin' and relaxin'.

Me on the rock wall.  I made it to the top!

Wild and wooly beach hair.

Maddie and Gen on the sand bar.


Roasting hot dogs.