Monday, August 22, 2011

Killer Elvis

Remember the Breakfast Project?

Feast your eyes on what I call...pum pum pa-a-ah!  The Killer Elvis.

What's better than the infamous peanut butter and banana sandwich? 

A peanut butter and banana and chocolate and cream cheese sandwich!

And what's better than that?

Dipping it in egg mixture and frying it up like french toast.

Yes, it is bad for you, even if it has fruit and a dairy product in it.  I was a bit afraid to try it, and so I added maple syrup.  I'll try anything with maple syrup on it.  Being Québecoise, I cut my teeth on the stuff. 

The first bite was good.  The second bite was better.  The last few bites, well, I guess I should have known when to pull the plug. 

I don't know if I'm an Elvis fan, but me and peanut butter & banana sandwiches?  We're close.

Hello, Lover.

Firing Up the Infernal Kernel

We had our annual corn boil last Saturday.  True, we hadn't had it in a couple years, but we're hoping to put the "annual" back into the event.  Corn season snuck up on us, and so we whipped the party together in only a few days. 

What started as an "adult" party has graduated to a family friendly event.  We phoned up all the young families we could think of, and even with the short notice, a lot of them were able to be with us.  I counted more than 70 in all...which is mucho corno.

This time we set up in the back corner of our lot.  It's not super far...we only have 2 acres.  After the 104th trip to fetch forgotten items, bring little kids to the potty, get the phone, etc, it was plenty far.  I got my exercise! 

Remember how setting up a teepee for the kids was one of my summer goals?  It didn't exactly happen.  I think this is much better, though.  This was our reading tent.  The little girls claimed it very quickly, and I could hear much giggling from inside the white curtain.

The bubble station was also a big hit.  There were some massive bubbles happening here!

That was a hungry crowd, for sure.  It's never happened before, but we were very close to running out of food.  Of course, that might be a certain little boy's fault!  LOL

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Picnic

What better way to kick a summer funk than a picnic in the park?

We joined my mom and brother for the hugest summer lunch to ever fit in a basket - sandwiches, chips, watermelon, cucumber, apples, cheese, cookies, muffins, carrot sticks, ice cream...fiew!  We know how to eat, that's for sure.

We swing, swang, swung.

I taught my brother how to whistle a blade of grass.

As always, the splash pad was much appreciated.  The splash pad was made possible by an anonymous donor.  What a great gift to our town.

Sand.  It's so much fun.

Geneviève Turns 1!!!

Geneviève Anise turned 1 yesterday.

How is that even possible?

I had a quiet day, remembering how only a year ago I woke up in the middle of the night with some definite signs of her arrival.  I remembered the way she entered this world - fast and decided, carrying me with her.  I remembered how peaceful her birth was and I can't help but be awed when I think of it, and thankful to the women who accompanied us on her journey earthside.

She was born in a hurry, and Richard was the one to place her in my arms.  I remember his face, how proud he was.  Gen was my pudgy baby - rolls and dimples and wrinkles everywhere.  She still has those dimples when she grins.  She's a beautiful girl, and her personality matches her birth.

We celebrated with the Grammies and Grampies, and Auntie Lydz and Uncle Shawn.

Her cake was 4 layers of chocolatey goodness.  Most of hers landed on the deck, but she made good use of the icecream.

Gen, Maddie & Crystal, the bunny.

Her very own chair...when the other kids let her sit in it.  She's holding her ground, though, and giving them whatfor.

My sweet Baby Gen.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hay, We Have New Neighbours!

Our neighbours' granddaughter got married in the field behind our house last weekend.  It was a country theme, complete with wagon rides, pimped up tractor, hay bales, lemonade stand and this charming couple:

The hay groom bears a surprising likeness to the real groom.  I missed the event since I was away, but the girls had a great time watching the procession from our back deck. 

Since that weekend there have been dozens of cars stopping to take pictures of the hay couple.  I charged one guy $5, but he just laughed.  He didn't pay me.  Why doesn't anyone take me seriously?

Still, very cute, no?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Reading

Summer is reading time for me.  So is winter, cozied with a blanket on the couch.  Spring, too, and fall.  Summer, though, bring to mind quilts on the lawn under the shade of the apple tree; lying on the deck swing with my latest novel; late evenings reading by the moonlight because we daren't turn on the porch light for fear of mosquitoes.  Yes, summer is a time for reading. 

I have to share what I've been reading lately.  I just finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.  Fantastic.  Brilliant.  It's narrated by a fifteen-year-old autistic boy (at least, I think he's autistic.  It doesn't actually say so in the book, but if you put 2 and 2 together...).  The story is about how he finds a murdered dog and goes about the neighbourhood trying to find the culprit.  The fantastic part is that he writes the novel in the same style his mind works, which I must say, is absolutely astounding.  I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob (name that movie). 

Next, I've read a couple novels by Margaret Atwood.  How is it that in almost 3 decades of living, I haven't ever read Margaret Atwood?  She's Canadian for goodness' sake!  And, IMHO, a literary genius!  Granted, I've only read 2 of her books, but so far I love her.  I'm reading Alias Grace right now.  If you love historical fiction - or non-fiction, for that matter - give it a try.  The Robber Bride was great, too.

Phillippa Gregory is a hot name if you like history, too.  The Other Boleyn Girl, anyone? 

What are you reading lately?