Monday, August 22, 2011

Firing Up the Infernal Kernel

We had our annual corn boil last Saturday.  True, we hadn't had it in a couple years, but we're hoping to put the "annual" back into the event.  Corn season snuck up on us, and so we whipped the party together in only a few days. 

What started as an "adult" party has graduated to a family friendly event.  We phoned up all the young families we could think of, and even with the short notice, a lot of them were able to be with us.  I counted more than 70 in all...which is mucho corno.

This time we set up in the back corner of our lot.  It's not super far...we only have 2 acres.  After the 104th trip to fetch forgotten items, bring little kids to the potty, get the phone, etc, it was plenty far.  I got my exercise! 

Remember how setting up a teepee for the kids was one of my summer goals?  It didn't exactly happen.  I think this is much better, though.  This was our reading tent.  The little girls claimed it very quickly, and I could hear much giggling from inside the white curtain.

The bubble station was also a big hit.  There were some massive bubbles happening here!

That was a hungry crowd, for sure.  It's never happened before, but we were very close to running out of food.  Of course, that might be a certain little boy's fault!  LOL

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Celtic Knots said...

What a beautiful summer gathering! We enjoyed ourselves, the food was yummo and the kids did not want to leave. Thanks for having us! It was nice to meet some new people, too!

Mary & John & crew