Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Homeschool Update

Learning about the different parts of a plant.

Learning about the Jewish people in our history program.  That lesson was on Joseph.
I don`t have any pictures of this, but we`ve also been diagramming sentences.  Predicate nominatives, adverbs and all that jazz.  Yawn.  Seriously.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Graedon's Fifth Birthday Party

Turning 5 is a big deal at our house.  That's the magic age when you get to
invite your buddies over for a Friend Party!  A Friend Party is well
worth capitalizing, let me tell you.
Graedon had a car themed party.  Here's his race track cake:
We decorated in construction theme colours.

There was even a car wash!  It didn't last very long, sadly.  The kid thought it was a punching ball activity.

The much anticipated gift opening...

The kids all had a rowdy good time.
I am very excited for bedtime, personally.  That's when I'll break out
Graedon's new Lego sets! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home Remedies

I'm considering taking a 2 year course in Family Health Education.  I'm not close to my final decision, but if it happens, I'm hoping to start in the fall. 

A big part of the course is homeopathy.  We do a fair bit already.  Here are a few examples:

Graedon got a nosebleed yesterday.  I made a yarrow compress for his nostril.  The bleeding stopped almost immediately.

Maddie stepped on a bee this summer.  I removed the stinger and applied some crushed plantain leaves.  The burning got better very quickly.

I was recently at a birth where the mother used grapefruit and lavender essential oils for aromatherapy.  I've also used peppermint as a pick-me-up.

During cold season I make up a jar of honey based cough syrup.  It smells like Christmas, and tastes pretty darn good.  The great thing is that kids under 6 (but over 1) can take it.  I searched high and low for pharmaceutical cough syrup that was approved for kids under 6, with no success.

Stomach problems?  We use peppermint tea.

Nausea?  Wood sorrel does the trick.

Now, obviously, those are pretty common cures for pretty common ailments.  It is nice to see them work on my own family, and even better to know that they are treating their issues without having to deal with chemical side effects. 

And, really, honey cough syrup just goes down so much easier than Buckleys!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baby Belly Caster

My little shadow!  I've been doing quite a bit of belly casting lately, and it seems little Gen has decided to try her hand at it.  I've seen some beautiful bellies, but I think this one might be my favourite.  Who can resist?  I'm a bit biased, of course.
I'm working on a couple right now.  I'm reinforcing the casts, then will be sanding and painting them.  I'll post some picture once they're all done. 
You won't belly-ve how they've turned out!