Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Dreadful Time

My Maddie, she of the independent mind and driven spirit, decided that she wanted dreadlocks.
The sheer commitment of it made me a bit leary.  They are permanent, after all.
Still, there was a part of me that applauded Maddie all the way.
It isn't usual to have such a self-assured 9 year old, one who is confident in her
values and beliefs and hairstyles.
And, so, after a serious talk of how this may impact her life (or hair, at least), and
a proper deciding time period, Maddie took the plunge.
Figuring out sections.
We booked our appointment, meaning we called up friend A and told her
we were comin' avisitin. 

Sectioned and ready to roll, or twist.
Four hours of twisting, ripping and locking, and we were done.

Four hours and hand cramps later.  Dreaded!
It's looking mighty dreadful, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
I am very proud of Maddie for having the confidence to take such a big step
toward independence.  She knows what she wants, and she goes for it.
She has the strong personality I only wish I had.
She is the kind of girl who will go far in life, and it is exciting to watch her develop
into the woman she is becoming. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bed and Breakfast Boy

Graedon is an early riser, and an early breakfaster.  I, on the other hand, am more of a laid back riser.  That is, I prefer to be laid back, sleeping, and forget the rising part.  It takes me a good half hour to really wake up.  The half hour must include a shower and a cup of coffee.  

Just one cup.

Which I refill several times.

Anyway, one morning not too long ago, Graedy was in the kitchen waiting for me.  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed he was.  Of course, the little man was hungry and proceeded to tell me so in great detail.

"Mom!  Mom!  Can you make me some eggs?"


"I'm really hungry.  I want some eggs."

"Graedon...just...I need...just wait...I'm going to have a bath and...ugh...I can make eggs after."

Frown.  "But, I'm really hungry."

"You can wait just 10 minutes.  I'll be done in *yawn* soon."

So, I took a bath.  In my stupor, I overlooked the clanging and the singing and the drawers slamming.  Once I was properly awake (though still uncaffeinated), I emerged from the bathroom to this:

Fried eggs.

My little guy had hauled out the cast iron frying pans (no easy feat when they weigh as much as you do), turned up the heat to maximum, and cracked those eggs into the heat.  Once I got over the adrenaline rush of finding my 5 year old cooking unsupervised, I was able to appreciate the huge step of independance he had displayed.

Sure, the eggs were black and crunchy in spots, but they sure did look good to Graedy.
And, his proud smile sure did look good to me.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back To School 2013

Another summer has passed us by, and here we are
Back to School
Homeschool changes as often and as thoroughly
as our family grows.
What worked last year may need to be tweaked.
Subjects are added, activities are dropped.
This year we welcome a change to a
simpler, funner grammar program.
Math is less formal, and more fun.
I aim to include more crafts and handiwork.
We've also started Cottage School.
A gifted teacher from our church has welcomed several families
under her wing.  Once a week, the children
gather and learn together -
art, drama, history, nature...
A break for mama, and a break for kiddos.
It's been good.