Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anyone in the Market for Another Wife?

I'm reading The 19th Wife. It's the story (or stories, since there are 2 different plots in one book, that I assume will merge somehow at the end) of a woman who is born into a family of early converts to the church of Latter Day Saints, back when they introduced polygamy into the religion. The co-story is set in present day and is about a "lost boy" who was excommunicated from "The Firsts" (what they call the group who split from the Mormons and kept up the plural marriage sacrament).

Any friend of mine knows how much I love a good historical fiction novel. Actually, I think this one is based on a true story...anyway.

In the book, they mention the website www.2wives.com I checked it out, expecting a dead-end. Lo and behold, it's a real website. Their slogan is: "Where Good Pro-Polygamy Families Find More Wives" Seriously.

You'd think that with all the extra heads in the family to put together, they could come up with a better slogan than that.

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Mary said...

Wild. This reminds me in ways of The Red Tent. Check it out. Fiction and history.

I enjoy your blog, Emilie. Hope all are adjusting somewhat smoothly.