Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reflections of Motherhood

I've been thinking of having a Birth Talk meeting on this subject, so I was glad I stumbled on the video. Looking back, and now, watching new moms, there's so much I would have liked to have told myself 6 years ago when Maddie was a baby. Hind sight is 20/20, I guess.

Some of the insights I could have used, back in the day:

*Don't try to do things according to everyone else's version of perfect. If it works for your family, then go for it.

*You know those Supermoms? No, you don't. What happens in their house is pretty close to what's happening at your house. We all have bad days.

*Nothing lasts forever. Soon enough, you'll be able to get some sleep, eat a meal while it's still hot and not get pooped and puked on.

*There's nothing wrong with taking a fun day. Leave the house chores for a bit, snuggle on the couch and read fairy tales, watch a fun movie together, paint rocks...reality will still be there tomorrow.

*Ask for help, and accept it when it's offered. You'll pay it forward someday.

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ARandomLife said...

I look forward to having this topic for birth talk...I think there is always somethig that we always need to talk about when it comes to the trials and victories of being a mother