Thursday, May 28, 2009

Losing a Tooth

Maddie had been wiggling one of her baby teeth for days. Last week, we had spaghetti for supper. In true Maddie fashion, she requested hers without sauce. She spent the sup time chewing her noodles and spitting them out into her plate (don't ask, but if I had noticed, I'd have made her stop). I'm sure there is a fancy french term for this type of dining, but it escapes me now. Of a sudden, Rich squinted at her and asked, "Maddie! Is your tooth still in your mouth?" It was gone. Into the bowl of teeny, chewed up spaghetti noodles - just the size and colour of an eensy baby tooth.
Richard got the job of sifting through the ABC (Already Been Chewed)* noodles. Finally, metal spoon clinked against little tooth, and we got it!
That night, Maddie and I prepared to put it under her pillow. Maddie, ever nervous, peered at me from a worried face and asked, " the tooth fairy real??!!" Noting the terror in her expression, I asked, "Do you want it to be real?" "NO!!!" So, another childhood tradition dashed at the Patterson household. We talked about how the tooth fairy is a fun game, but just pretend. I guess the thought of a strange half-clothed flying woman coming into her room and stealing her teeth was too scary for this 5 year old. I can't blame her.
By the way, did you know the going rate for teeth is $5??? Crazy stuff! I guess that's inflation for you.

*ABC is also the name of a little squirrel my brothers and I found as children. It had been attacked by our family pet, Tigger. In that case, we thought ABC was appropriate on two levels - Attacked By Cat and Already Been Chewed. Despite our best efforts and excellent medical care, ABC died shortly thereafter. :(

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