Wednesday, May 6, 2009

African Birth Collective

I'm very excited! I'm applying to go on a short-term trip to volunteer at a birth clinic in Sénégal. The organization is called the African Birth Collective. They are a non-profit organization that sends midwives and doulas to Sénégal to exchange midwifery skills and learn from each other. The participants bring over much needed medical supplies, equipment and funds to the clinic. They try to mesh the best of the traditional art of midwifery with the best of modern western medicine.

I am only in the first stage of this project. Once I apply, the application will need to be accepted, I'll have to pass a phone interview, other applications, get the support and set everything up... but, it's still a step forward for me.

I am not a very experienced doula, yet. That will probably work against me. I do have some things working for me though - namely, being fluent in French, and a willingness to work hard and learn tonnes!

You all know that midwifery is something near and dear to my heart, especially third-world midwifery. I would be honoured to be a part of something so basic, yet so incredibly important! Tough, tiring and taxing wouldn't begin to describe this trip, but here's how I look at it: If you never leave your comfort zone, your comfort zone will never get any bigger. Rather it will shrink and your world with it.

So, keep me in prayer for this, 'k? I'll update when there is anything new!


cuddles said...

How exciting for you! I sincerely hope it all works out!

Hope said...

Any chance you're going on the February/March 2010 trip? I think I'll be on that one... Hope

Emilie said...

I don't have any more news on this yet. I'm still waiting for my interview with them...I'll let you know!