Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poop Update

Graedy eating Cheerios sans milk.

What a title, right?

So, if you've been following along for Graedon's pooping issues
, here's the latest:

He's been off milk products and on soy milk for a week and a half. He is pooping a bit less, and it is a little bit more solid. I still wouldn't call his bowel movements "normal", but I'm wondering if maybe he needs a bit more time on the soy milk to really be sure. Any advice out there, I'd love to hear it!

A grrr moment: My co-worker (who scared the wits out of me by suggesting that Graedon's diarhea was actually a sure sign of cancer) asked how he was doing. I gave her the run-down. I expected a little, "yay!" or "I'm glad he's not terminally ill!", but she kind of pursed up her lips and started talking about all her cancer-ridden aquaintances. I understand that healthy kids are boring to talk about, and that sick people make better gossip, but seriously? I know, it's selfish of me to think this, but could she please have mustered up a little "woot"? My kid doesn't have cancer! I say that deserves at least a smile. Maybe even a cupcake.

Heck, I'm going to go bake a cake right now. Double fudge. My kid is healthy!!


cuddles said...

Hurray for firmer poopies. ;o)

Your co-worker makes me sad. People like that can be so frustrating to be around, but how can you avoid them when you work together? I hope your cake is yummy and I, for one, am very happy that your little guy is healthy!

Emilie said...

Thanks, Cuddles! I should be thankful that my 'lil guy makes for boring gossip!

Kendra said...

I'll give him a double "WOOT WOOT!!" :) If you are seeing improvemnets I would wait it out a little bit longer to see if it keeps improving.