Friday, May 29, 2009

I Have No Time to Eat Bonbons

I came across a post my friend wrote about Doing Less. The idea is to simplify, do your best and not stress about doing everything for everyone. The post suggested keeping a running list of what you do in a day, rather than what you should get done.

Here's my list for the day:

6:31 Maddie wakes me up demanding breakfast.
*take a few minutes to wake up.
*chart my BT
*start the washer that I loaded last night
*send Rich off to work after a healthy dose of flirting to get him through the morning
*make breakfast and feed 3 kids & myself
*made brownies for church concert tonight
*clean up from breakfast
*check e-mail
*check Facebook
*comfort Graedy
(at this point it's 7:48 am)
*e-mail client
*do school with kids. This means: sing O Canada in english & french, sing songs (4), mini french greeting lesson, devotions, read picture book, read 2 chapters of Magic Tree House book, calendar time, puzzles, 2 pages in workbook each, french lesson, Canadian geography (during all this I brushed my teeth and frosted brownies, put ham in the oven)
*collected garbage
*check e-mail
*do another load of laundry
*call Dr to discuss Graedon's weight
*do exercises

At this point I stopped keeping track because my paper was all filled up. It was 9:45 am.

It's no wonder I'm so tired.


Sarah said...

H Emilie!
Wow...your morning was VERY full. How's homeshooling? I'd love some tips...kyla begins in the fall kindergarten homeschool.

What you did that morning sounds like about what I do in my whole day sometime! And then other days I'm just as busy...:-)

thanks for your comment, i wish we were going to the philippines but God has other plans for us right now. We're hoping to all go as a family for me to do an internship in 2010 or 2011. I think I might enroll with NCM (National college of midwifery).

i hope your doing well! any plans for davao for your family?

Emilie said...

I didn't think I did much either, until I wrote it all down. Some days, though, I admit I hardly get the kids fed!

Homeschool officially starts this fall for us. Maddie isn't quite school age (she was born after the cutoff date). We're going to a homeschool conference next weekend. I'll update with tips!

As for Davao, well, I think I'll have to write an update on the blog. Honestly, I don't really know one way or another.

It's good to hear from you, Sarah!