Monday, May 4, 2009

Popsicle Treats

Lately, Eva has been whiney. Really whiney. Tear my hair out and lock myself in the bathroom kind of whiney. She breaks down in fits at any time and screams bloody murder when it's convenient for her. Notice I said "for her". It's never convenient for me.

Saturday we went to a yard sale. The little girl who lived at the house was chowing down on a pink ice-creamsicle. Eva took one look at her tasty treat and decided that it just wasn't fair! She clenched her fists at her side, took a deep breath, threw back her head and SCREAMED! And CRIED! And hollered, "I WANT A POPSICLE!!!!"

I nearly died of embarrassment. I tried to steer my crew out of the yard and into the van, but had to double back because we'd accidently shoplifted a pair of slippers in our haste. Meanwhile, Eva was still screeching and the mother of the little girl piped up with, "I'll get you a Popsicle, Sweetie!" and ran into the house. I tried to tell her not to (please don't reward my kid's tantrum!), but to no avail. Eva was obviously bad for business and needed to be shut up NOW!

So, we left, Popsicles in hand and my pride in pieces. Sadly, Eva dropped her Popsicle in the driveway and I was secretly pleased.

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