Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Problem With Height

The problem with having a petite eldest daughter and a Texas-size middle child is the competition. When we venture out in public, we are constantly being asked if the girls are twins. They're not - they're 20 months apart! We're considering never leaving the house again. The hurt feelings and sibling rivalry are creating quite a bit of angst from the shorter half of the family.

Until now, Maddie has been able to use her size to the full. Until now, she's been bigger then Eva, if only by a couple centimetres. Not anymore! Eva has defied gravity and shot up like a weed - complete with long limbs, streamlined body and smooth coordination. She's lost her baby fat, built muscle and is no longer tripping over stray cat hairs and bumping into door jams. She's a kid...not a baby, not even a toddler. Sigh.

I've noticed that Maddie has stopped pushing Eva against the wall to measure herself against Eva's frame. There's not much point, since Maddie now knows that she and Eva are equal in height (maybe even a little unequal to Eva's advantage). Mad can't bear the disappointment. I found her sullen in the bathroom the other day, looking at herself in the mirror. "Mom? Am I short?" My heart broke for her. Though height isn't a big deal to me, I know it means a lot to a 5 year old. What could I say? I assured her that even if Eva was taller, Maddie would always be older. And, besides, "You're just the perfect Maddie size."

And she is.


Kendra said...

Is this a new picture? They look much younger than 'normal'.

Being short does suck..but it's too bad she is stressing over it at such a young age. :( But there are good you barely ever bump your head on things... and if you were really poor you could make more clothes because you would need less fabric. ;P Haha, for some reason I feel like that is something that you would say...I think you may be rubbing off on me! Uh oh!
And believe it or not, I was one of the taller ones when I was younger and then I stopped growing and everyone else grew way past me. :'( Oh the unfairness of life.

my verification word is 'bodlepan' :D

Money Chef said...

Awe, that last line...too sweet!

Emilie said...

No, that pic is from last summer! I just thought is was fitting since Eva looks like a giant next to Maddie.
I'll have to tell her about all the great stuff that happens to short people :)

Thanks for stopping by, Money Chef!