Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Herbs and Medicinal Plants Workshop

I love love love learning new things! Last weekend I was able to take a workshop at King's Landing on herbs and wild plants that have culinary and medicinal uses.

I've always been very interested in natural healing. One of my favourite books as a kid was My Side of the Mountain. I used to pour over my mom's copy of Sleeping With a Sunflower, and I can't help but be fascinated with how weeds can be helpful, healthy and delicious!

Let's be completely honest though - I have a little extra motivation. Sometime in the future...maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday!...we just might be forced to live in the woods. Whether it's a war (in Canada? It's happened before...), economic meltdown, nuclear explosion, Black Plague (or Swine Flu, I'm not picky), or the Apocalypse, surely someday it will be necessary for us to form renegade bands and high-tail it to the woods. And then, dear friends, what group do you want to be in? The useful group that has basic skills like outdoor cooking, shelter making, emergency medicine, hunting, educating and food finding or the useless group that contributes nothing to the masses? I'd rather be kept around for my skills than "accidentally" pushed down a cliff or eaten for protein.

You'd be wise to acquire some skills, too.

Good golly, what is this blog coming to, anyway? Geesh. Enjoy the pictures of the workshop!

Our guide, Andrew, giving us a tour of his garden.

Comfrey, fennel, burdoch, lavendar and spearmint (in the tea pot).

Our guide, Sherry, demonstrating how to make a poultice.

Making a Comfrey Salve.

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