Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

Me and decorating, we don't do so well together. It takes me forever to figure out how to make my home aesthetically pleasing, and then it doesn't even look quite right. So, dear blogger friends, this is where you come in.

Check it out.
I bought some little cacti (I've heard they're impossible to kill. We'll see 'bout that.), a shallow bowl and some scented seashells. I know what you're thinking. I bought shells? They're free at the shore! Yup, I could drive the 3 hours to the beach, spend hours picking and sorting, and end up with fishey smelling shells.

So I bought them. On sale. There!

Right, here's a picture of the result.

And another one, from a different angle.

Yay or nay? Do you like, or am I off the mark? Leave a comment :)


Dad said...

Nice... but are you sure the cacti are out of Graedon's reach. You know what happen to your older brother when he was little!

Emilie said...

LOL - I'll be sure to keep the cacti out or reach and Graedy fully clothed! :)