Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Project

Check out our newest project! I'm trying to get the kids organized in the morning so that it's less bedlam to get everyone dressed/washed/fed & schooled. Enter: The Project. I call it The Project because I don't know what to call it. Maybe something like Manequin Mini Me, or Silly Silhouette, or Model Me Outfits...comment with your ideas, wouldja?
Here is the finished product. We took some rolled paper and traced the girls' silhouettes. They then coloured them to resemble themselves. There has been some creative license, as you can see. Mad doesn't really have glasses or green hair, but she does regularly have Band-Aids on her knees.
Here's a close-up of the pet cat Maddie drew.
Ta-da! Every evening, we pick out their outfits and hang them on The Projects. In the morning, there's no fighting or dilly dallying over what outfits to wear...easy, breezy!

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Miss Serenity said...

Too cute! When I was younger Mom and I would pick out my clothes for the next few days, because I'm sure just like yours, I would take /forever/ to pick out just the right outfit for the new day. :)

Thanks for the hair style idea! Every so often my mom will french braid my hair, but I've never done a bun at the bottom afterwards. I'll have to try it.