Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Boy!

My cell phone is no longer my 24/7 companion!

After being harassed and bullied into scheduling a c-section for Friday (she was told, after all, that after 41 weeks there was very little chance that she'd go into labour on her own ??), she woke to contractions on Sunday morning. A long first stage later, she pushed her baby boy into the world Sunday evening! She did it! VBAC!

In her words - maybe that doctor (who made her schedule the section) irritated the baby just as much as he irritated her. She showed them!

It's a wonderful thing!


cuddles said...

I always feel so terrible for those women who are three-years pregnant... if only they had just scheduled the C-section after 41 weeks like the doctor suggested. ;o)
Congrats on the arrival and once again having your freedom. (Or as much freedom as a mom can have!)

Emilie said...

LOL! I just don't know *how* we ever managed to give birth for the thousands of years before OBGYNs started serving up Pitocin. Seriously!