Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a No-Go

I applied for an internship in Davao, Philippines but they didn't have any openings left for this year. The director encouraged me to re-apply in the new year for a place next summer.

Am I sad about it? Yes, I guess so. Like I wrote in my last post, I was trying not to get my hopes up. There's really not much point in being sad, anyway, since that won't do me much good. I may as well just get on with it and put my energies toward another project.

If there is anything I've learned thus far, it's that stuff happens for a reason. Good stuff, bad all fits into the master plan. I'll look back on this in a couple years and go, "Ah! That's why I couldn't go to Davao!"

Kind of like the time when I was in college and I couldn't find an apartment to save my life. It was to the point where I was about to quit my job (you kind of need a place to live in the same city you're working at) when I was offered free room and board with an old lady who just wanted company! She and her multitude of cats were such a blessing to me....excluding the cat hair all over everything and the never-cleaned litter boxes and the cat dishes on the kitchen counter (think about it...the cats walk all over the litter and then climb up on the kitchen counter to eat. yum!). I ate out a lot that summer.

Or the time my long-time boyfriend dumped me and I cried for months and months. Oh, the angst! If that hadn't happened, I wouldn't have moved to New Brunswick and met Richard, and had 3 pretty stinkin' cute kids and been married to a guy who isn't emotionally challenged. It's nice not to have to wonder what pole the hubby is at today. :)

Anyway - all things happen for the good, right? Now, bring on the good!

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