Saturday, July 25, 2009

Graedy Poop Update #3

We finally got an appointment for Graedon's allergy testing. If you recall, he was having bowel problems and we figured it was allergies to something. We cut out dairy, but to no avail. His poop was still gross, and his growth too slow.

The test was challenging! He didn't want to cooperate with the Ms. H., the tester lady, and after a dozen items, he'd had enough. We were able to test for the most common allergens, though, and here's what came of it: Cow dairy, goat dairy and wheat were testing above the allergy level.

So, Graedy is now on a 10 day fast of ALL things dairy and wheat. No milk, no ice cream, no butter, no yoghurt, no baking with milk...Wheat is even tougher. Anything that is baked is out, including cereals, crackers and even some condiments and sauces. Ms. H said that if he has so much as a mouthful of milk, we've screwed up the fast and will have to start over (she didn't say "screwed", but she meant that). If after 10 days there is improvement, then we need to go for 6 weeks! Then, start reintroducing wheat slowly, followed by dairy if all is well. She said not to give him soy milk because it has too much estrogen in it and could mess up his hormones. I don't need a PMSing 18 month old on my hands...the terrible twos are bad enough!

He's also on a probiotic pill. Since Graedy's had diarrhea for almost a year, he has flushed all the bacteria (good and bad) from his system and created havoc with his balances. The probiotics should help with that.

Anyone see the episode of Grey's Anatomy where a lady was self-treating herself with antibiotics she bought over the internet? She had wiped out all her bacteria, and so Kortez (I think) gave her a procedure where they had to tube her husband's stool into her stomache through her nose to replace the bacteria. I am so glad we didn't have to do that! I think that might be bunk, anyway.

So, there you have it.

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