Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Check out Graedy's new brush cut! And, on the subject of brushes, teethbrushing is his new favourite activity!
Is there anything cuter than fat little legs crammed into striped ankle socks?! Aww!


Kendra said...

I thought he got a hair cut! Did you do it yourself? It looks cute.

I wish people would say aww when they saw my fat little legs crammed into striped ankle socks! ;)

Emilie said...

I'll say aww if you wear striped socks!

cuddles said...

I love Graedy's haircut! DH and I were just talking the other day about doing this with BB's hair. He's already had two haircuts and is ready for another one. I'm not sure if he would sit still with the clippers buzzing near his head though! He may end up with a sort of mohawk if we're not careful! :)
And fat little legs are adorable regardless of what they are or aren't crammed into!
Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Emilie said...

I had given him scissor cuts twice before, but now he was on to me and kept swinging his head around. I was scared to cut off his ears or poke out his eye! I figured at least with the buzzers he'd still have his appendages!

cuddles said...

Haha! Good point! Perhaps if I try on a Friday night, I could have it completely trimmed up by Monday. :)