Friday, April 10, 2009

Pizza Hot

The Homeschool Group went for a tour of Pizza Hut last week. Maddie didn't realize that it was Pizza HUT, not Pizza HOT. Even after I explained that a hut is a little building, and that it means that you're in a building that makes pizzas, she still didn't think it was a great name for a restaurant.
The Assistant Manager showed us around and gave us the 101 on pizza making. Here she is pressing the dough for the personal pizzas.

Each kid got their own pizza, and free rein to decorate it. The girls went with classic pepperoni and cheese. Don't tell anyone, but Eva coughed all over the garnishes. oops.

Eva, with her pizza creation.
Maddie with her pizza creation. At this point, the conversation went a bit like this:
Me: Do you think you'd like to work at Pizza Hut one day?
Maddie: NO! When I grow up, I want to be a mom! (eye-roll, since I should know that already)
Eva: (squeaky voice) And I want to be a honey!

I don't know what the job description is for a honey...

My voracious Graedon-ator...


dad said...

Beautiful children with great smiles! Is it the pizza... or the love in their home that makes them so happy?

Emilie said...

Thanks, Dad! I learned from the best!