Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chore-Store Grand Opening

The Chore-Ganizer is a huge success. HUGE. So huge in fact, that Maddie invited both her cousins and all the neighbourhood kids (2 of them boys, so the girlie stuff in the store won't do) to come to the Chore-Store and shop at their leisure. Without telling me. Because they do chores at their house, you know.

I need to stock up on some boy toys. And some for the Chore-Store, too.

And, yes, Kendra, you can shop too.


cuddles said...

Goodness! You'll have to ask for monetary donations from the neighbourhood parents! :) Great idea, I hope it sticks!

Kendra said...

LOL, she invited us last night, and she also invited herself over for a sleepover..tonight. I'm still thinking that one over ;)
I can't wait to shop at the chore store, what do I get for folding the wash cloths???

Emilie said...

The sleep-over is news to me! We had a little talk about whether it's appropriate to ask people over without asking me first. She sees no problem with it!
Cuddles - good idea! I think I'll charge admission to view the store :)