Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green Tip #3

#3 - Baking soday and vinegar! With little kids around, I try to avoid chemicals when I'm cleaning. The smell of strong cleaning solutions gives me a headache, so I assume it has the same effect on them. My kids also love to taste things they shouldn't, so I try to avoid poisons if I can. Enter - sodium bicarbonate!

Baking soda is not just for cooking. It's a bit of an abrasive, so it works wonderfully in your sinks, in the bathtub (gets rid of that bath ring quick and easy) and on your stove top to get all that cooked-on stuff scrubbed off. I also like to spoon some into my kitchen drain (2-3 Tbsps) and chase it with a swig of vinegar. It will bubble and fizz and before you know it, you have clear, sweet smelling pipes! Okay, the smell is akin to pickles for a bit, but that's better than sour milk and old food. It's not harmful to the environment, or your health and it deodorizes like nobody's business! A cup of it in stinky places helps with odours, too.

As for vinegar, try mixing a half-and-half solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Use it to clean your windows, your hardwood floors or even as a mild all purpose cleaner. Again, the pickle smell is a bit of a turn off, but open some windows and the problem is solved!

Happy cleaning!

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Kendra said...

I too have a hard time with harsh chemicals. My throat gets really sore and I get headaches. Especially with Javex, that stuff is nuts. I use Lysol kitchen and bath cleaners and I really like those. But good "go green" tip! I like the idea of the drain cleaner, I just might have to go do that right now!