Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Study on Peanuts

Here's an interesting link regarding peanut introduction and allergies:

Food Allergy Advice May Be Peanuts

When Maddie was born, they told us not to let her have peanuts until she was at least 2 years old. We were pretty careful with that, and nary a peanut entered her mouth (though one did get shoved up her nostril...). Recently, the age limit had been boosted up to 3 years. With Eva, we probably made it to about 1 year because Maddie kept sneaking her bits of toast at breakfast. With Graedy - well, I'm not sure. Considering the amount of PB&J we eat and my girls' generous natures, there's probably a reason he's so chunky.

Now, this link demonstrates a new study that goes totally against all the "old" advice. It suggests that early introduction to peanuts may actually prevent peanut allergies. Hunh.

This is what really gets me as a parent. From one child to the other, and even from one season to the next, the rules are constantly changing. Put your child on his belly to sleep. No! On his side. No! On his back! No! Back on his side. We never know where we stand.

It seems to me that parenting, especially mothering, has become so trendy and "statistical". We've conditioned ourselves to ignore our gut instincts, that sixth sense that is engrained in us women, in favour of mothering magazine articles, studies that will be replaced and disproven within a couple years and chatroom advice. There's no such thing as doing the best we can - it's all about doing what everybody else says is the best.

The truth is that 25 years ago our mothers were being bombarded with information that they believed was the best, most modern information ever! And now, we look at them wide-eyed in disbelief that they were so stupid as to believe that letting your babies cry themselves sick somehow built strong lungs and that sleeping on their bellies would prevent aspiration and that Carnation milk was the best nourishment money could buy.

In 25 years, our daughters will look at us with that same look of disbelief.


Kendra said...

I heard something along the same lines recently. I know that we def didn't make it to 2 yrs with both the girls. :) I guess maybe it's a good thing, at least this week anyways :P

cuddles said...

I completely get your frustration. While I was pregnant, I read in several places that to help avoid a peanut allergy, the mother should avoid peanuts while pregnant, and continue to avoid them while she was breastfeeding. I've been paranoid and peanut-free since August 2007, and there's a chance it's done more harm that good. But there's really no way to know. *sigh*