Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chore-ganizer Spinoff

I didn't invent this. I admit it. I just thought that it looked DIY-able, and since I had everything I needed at home, I tackled the project.
It's time my kids worked for their room and board. They're 3 and 5, so in no time they'll be scrubbing floors, doing my laundry and giving me pedicures (okay, okay...). Seriously, good work ethic by having responsibilities around the house is an important thing to learn. Therefore, I present: The Chore-ganizer (Patterson style).First, the girls each fashioned a bank out of a used hot chocolate container (go green!). The covers have a little slot on top to slip the poker chips in.

I listed some jobs that I thought they could handle and took pictures of the completed work. Some of them include "Changing the Toilet Paper Roll", "Watering the Plants" and "Brush Teeth". I then printed the pictures and stuck them on index cards. Also in this picture are the Chore Dollars.

Each day, I put a couple Job Cards into their "To Do" slot. As they do the jobs, they move the cards into the "Done" slot. When all the jobs are done (and done right), they get a Chore Dollar to put into their bank.

Now for the fun part! Every Sunday, I set up the Chore Store. I bought little things and tagged them according to their kid worth. For example, even though the bubble wands only cost me 25 cents, I still put $4 on them because the girls really like them, and they are messy. I want them to work for it. Some items will require them to save their Chore Dollars for a couple weeks. I'm anxious to see it they will go for the quick fix $1 items, or if they'll save up for the bigger items.
So far, so good. They're treating it like a game and getting some jobs done around the house. I need ideas for kid friendly chores, though, since I'm having to rotate half a dozen every other day. Maybe that pedicure? Leave a comment and give me your 2 cents worth!

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Kendra said...

Cool idea..I agree chores at that age are a good thing! A few might have them already but, feed the cat, make bed, set the table, clean room. This isn't a chore but it could be a special token..being polite/sharing/doing something helpful for others.
Can I come over and shop at the chore store!!? :)