Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go Green Tip #2

Before I post my Go Green Tip, I just wanted to clarify something. I KNOW that my tips probably won't save the world, at least, not in one day. I wanted to post tips that were easy, quick and required little effort. As a mom, I'm tired of reading about all the big things that I should be doing but are either too expensive, difficult or unrealistic when your entire day is already spent wiping noses, putting kids to bed and breaking up fights. Example: Get a Hybrid car. Um, yeah. As great as that would be for the earth, I'm already picking nickels out of the floor mats in the van to pay for Timbits at the drivethrough. So, here's the Mom-friendly Go Green Tip of the Day!

#2 - Cereal boxes! When you're done with them (or any food boxes that come with the snacks in a waxed paper bag), keep the boxes! Shake any crumbs from the waxed paper bag and take the bag apart at the seams. Fold that up and stick it somewhere. Ta-da! Free wax paper! The cardboard box can be kept and used to wrap presents or make crafts. If someone breaks a plate or glass, you can put the glass shards into the cardboard box and put it safely in the garbage after taping it shut. No more bloody gashes on your legs from the glass slicing through the garbage bag! Yay!

My favourite are the pizza boxes. Most of them have a perfect round of cardboard inside. Those cardboard rounds make great masks once you decorate them and cut out eye-holes. You can make all kinds of kid stuff with them - practice clocks, steering wheels, frisbees, etc. You can also line them with foil and you then have a cake plate that you won't mind if it gets left at a pot-luck or at someone's house.

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