Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tax Time

Yep, it's that time of year again. Tax time. For weeks, I've been scrounging under car floor mats, chasing dust bunnies from under the printer and shooing the moths from my wallet in the quest for any extra receipts I can claim toward Noble Electrolysis. I've filled out my spreadsheets, I've organized and filed, and I've raced to the mailbox everyday in hopes of my long-awaited T3s, T4s, Twhatevers. And today, I made my annual trek to THAT PLACE. H&R Block.

In the waiting room, all they had to read was Maclean magazine, and the TV set was on CNN (no remote in view). Not only must you wait an eternity, you also evidently must learn about politics and finances while you are there, and make idle chit-chat with strangers who are asking themselves the same questions as you...just how much are we being screwed for this year? Or, hmmm, since I didn't make enough money to pay my bills on time this year, maybe I can escape bankruptcy with my tax return!

So, finally, my name is called and I trudge into the office. I do my best to look innocent and somewhat financially responsible. My hands tremble, my eye twitches, and I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face. I might sweat a bit. I sit on the edge of my seat trying to decide whether I should look casual or concerned. I am an uptight business owner, and I go out of my way to be entirely on the up and up. No receipt for this expense? Too bad, can't write it off. Got paid? Sorry, no under the table. And, yet, I can't help but wonder - what if there's a rule I didn't know about? What if I made an innocent mistake and they catch it and sue me for tax evasion? Oh my gosh, what was that amount for??? Am I going to jail???

And that's why I pay way too much to get it done by professionals.


Kendra said...

LOL, was it really THAT bad?! We only had to wait for 10 mins cuz we dropped it off and came back later. You worry too much ;)

Emilie said...

:) It was so simple when I worked for someone else, but now that I'm a business owner, there are all these rules that I'm finding out as I go along! It's scary! I tried dropping ours off, too, but the lady said it would 2-3 weeks!