Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indian Cooking Class

Here is the finished product - the white stuff is a sweet dish (like rice pudding). It really helped to cut the spiciness of the other two dishes. It almost tastes like Carnation milk. The red stuff is Channa Masala (Chickpea curry). My favourite! I didn't think I'd like it, but it was just the right kind of salty, and the chickpeas rocked. The stewy stuff with the green peas is Aloo Matter Masala (Potato pea curry). Also, very good, and it was not so spicy that I think my family would actually dig it. The bread is Pori or Chapatti. The name changes depending on whether you deepfry it or pan fry it. It's kind of like Naan bread. Nummy.
Here's our host frying the bread. When the bread is put into the hot oil, it puffs up like a balloon. That's a sign that it was rolled out correctly. Isn't her sari pretty? My mom, rolling out some of the bread.

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