Monday, March 23, 2009

St Paddy's

A little glimpse into our Saint Patrick's Day themed week...
Monday is Journaling Day.

We made rainbow coloured water using math and measuring. No gold at the end of that rainbow, though. Oh, well.

Maddie, measuring out her answer. They were so excited to see the water change colour!

We made a Leprechaun Trap. We used a potato as bait (of course). There is a little sign that says, "Don't Climb the Ladder!". Leprechauns, being the curious and disobedient elves that they are, will of course take the caution as an invitation and will climb unto the top of the hat to get to the potato. There, they will quickly meet their demise and fall through the trap door on the hat top! Genius!

The girls pointing out how far Eastern Canada and Ireland are on the globe. Maddie figured that it was really quite close and it would only be a short walk to span the few inches. We're working on that one!

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