Monday, March 9, 2009

Thievery in the Country

I never expected to be solving a crime when I visited my mom this afternoon. On the way to her house, I bought a couple gallons of milk. I set them outside the car in a snowbank to stay cool. They live in the country, and I didn't think that anything would happen to them. After a couple hours, I came back to the car and there they were. Gone.

I found the gallon jug near the car, and from the teeth marks in the plastic, I immediately knew the culprit - Bernie! My parents' big ol' Bermese Mountain dog has a thing for inanimate objects. He'll make off with anything that isn't tied down, especially if it's plastic. So, we sent out a search party. My dad went one way, I went the other and we looked. And looked. And looked. Mid March, it's very difficult to walk outside with all the snow and ice. I should have rethunk the black stiletto boots...

Anyway, I did find the milk after a while. It was down the driveway, and not anywhere near Bernie's special treasure spots (He does have special areas where he deposits his loot. The areas change according to the seasons). Now, all is well. Graedon has his milk - as long as he doesn't mind the dog slobber and teeth marks on the jug.

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Kendra said...

LOL! That sucks! We NEVER leave anything around that dog.