Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mexican-Chinese Cooking Class

Ethic cooking class was Chinese this week! We made traditional Chinese New Year dumplings and chicken wings. It was good! I'd even say it was the best ethnic cooking class meal yet! The dumplings were served with a sprinkling of sesame oil and soy sauce over the top...mmm, mmm. I brought home a doggy bag for Rich since he missed it. I don't recommend that, though. I guess reheated dumplings are less than desirable.

The chefs were an elderly chinese couple. They spoke no english except for "Good job". This lady was the sweetest 4'9 you ever did see!

The chef man was awesome. Though we couldn't speak, he made himself understood with hand gestures, big frowns, wide grins and a thumbs up if we did especially well.

Two weeks ago, we had Mexican night. Talk about awesome! We made enchiladas with green tomatoes and fistfuls of jalapeno peppers. I admit, I was scared to try it. Turns out that he really knew what he was doing. It was the perfect mix of hot and spicy.

I think it just might have been the best ethnic cooking class yet!

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Kendra said...

Yum, sounds good. I think you will have to have us over for dinner someday to show off your new skills! btw- I think I know that old lady! :)