Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are NOT Pregnant

I'm NOT pregnant. I just want to be clear on that! Okay, I know that the lack of a pregnancy isn't something people normally announce, but because of recent events I thought I should put it out there. Here's a quick run-down of what's prompting this post:

I take folic acid every day. Not because I anticipate a pregnancy, but because it's something all women of childbearing age should do as a precaution against spina-bifida and other neurological disorders. In our family, this is a concern. The spine and all parts & pieces that go with it are amongst the first things to develop in an embryo, and by the time there are two pink lines on the pee stick, the baby is well on it's way to being properly or improperly developed. So - prevention is key. If you wait for the positive pregnancy test to take your vitamins, it might be too late to avoid some very serious disorders. We aren't trying, and have no plans to try for a 4th child anytime soon but hey - it happens. So, I'd rather have a clear conscience and folic acid is one of those things that can't hurt regardless.

On to the un-announcement! Eva, being 3, is a curious little tyke. She also has no idea what is tactful and what is inappropriate to say! She saw me take the folic acid at breakfast a while back and asked me what my medicine was. I explained that I was taking vitamins that help babies grow big and strong and that there WAS NO BABY in my tummy, but it was good to be healthy anyway. Well, didn't that start a conversation! When will there be a baby? Tomorrow? When is A's dog going to have a puppy? Will you have a boy or a girl? Is your tummy big? Why are babies healthy?

And, then, yesterday she was looking through the Shopper's Drug Mart flyer and noticed the vitamins were on sale. "Hey, look, Mommy! That's for your healthy baby!" and, me, again, "No no, there is NO BABY in my tummy." How do you explain prevention to a 3 year old? I figure it's only a matter of time before she announces it in public. I may as well start damage control now:

There is NO BABY in my tummy. Really.


Kendra said...

LOL, my kids are the same way. Abby wanted me to have a baby awhile back and she thought that it would be here like the next week. So I told her that the baby wouldn't be ready to come out until here b-day, if there was a baby. So she told people that "Mommy is going to have a baby on my b-day!!" I think that she has forgotten all about it now, hopefully!

cuddles said...

So, when is the baby due? ;o) hehe! I can't wait for BB to learn to talk! This type of stuff cracks me up! :)

Emilie said...

I can't believe the stuff they come up with! Never a dull moment!