Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Hair is On Fire!!

Last night, I was in a blah mood, hashing about how I don't go anywhere, do anything, blah bla bla. Then, I remembered - Holy crap! I could have died today!

The day started out normally. Went for a walk in town with my bro and SIL and had white hot chocolate at a café. Already, the day was more exciting than most, since I rarely get the car during the day. Then, once the kids were in bed, I went to stoke the furnace and MY HAIR CAUGHT ON FIRE!!! You heard right - I leaned over to poke at the embers, and of a sudden there was this weird crinkly, staticky sound and my bangs shriveled up! I don't know if it was aflame, since my eyes can't see the top of my head, but after smacking my scalp with my hands and pulling at the crinkly locks, I was convinced that I was no longer in danger. It doesn't look bad, I just don't need to go for that haircut afterall.

Then, I loaded up the kids into the car and headed to Rich's work to pick him up. We live on a secondary road (not a highway, but it's well used. Speed limit is 80, but most go 100 km/h). The truck in front of me slowed down, so I pressed the brakes and...nothing. NO BRAKES!! There I was, 3 kids in the backseat, me in the front and no brakes! Then, the cell phone rings! I'm answering the phone, trying to think ahead to where there was a big driveway or parking lot to swing into, the kids are yelling at me to turn up the radio since they couldn't hear it...AAAHH! Long story short, I pulled it into 2nd, coasted through the intersection without killing anyone, manoeuvred the car between vehicles in Rich's parking lot and came to a full, safe stop in front of a snowbank. Fiew. Safe.

I think my life might just be more exciting than I give it credit for.

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cuddles said...

Wow, that really is a lot of excitement for one day! I'm glad you survived it! :)