Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't Think Of A Good Title

I'm not much in the blogging mood lately, but I've been plenty busy anyway. In the last week I've been offered two part-time jobs. I turned down the teaching job. I LOVE teaching FSL, but I couldn't really make sense out of using up two more evenings from my week. Frankly, I don't think I even have two evenings that are mine to give. The second job was being a french tour guide at the new potato-chip factory/museum. It would be very, very part-time. I think it would be fun! I might consider it, if someone volunteers as free babysitter. I wonder if it pays in bags of chips... Ahem.

Last Sunday, the girls were scheduled to sing in front of the church. Maddie was NOT happy. She whined and cried, but after I bribed her with "something special" (snowmobile ride) she decided that she'd do it. They practiced into their remote control/hair brush mics every morning, even practicing their bows and Elvis-style "Thank you very much"es. Sunday morning came and their names were called out to come to the front and sing. Yeah. No amount of bribing, threatening and sheepish grins to the congregation could convince them to get up on stage. In the end, I got up on the platform, Maddie hid behind me, Eva mumbled her way through some lyrics and I stumbled through the verses. My apologies to the parishioners.

On the doula front, I've been trying to put out my feelers. I've called and chatted with different schools, women's centres, prenatal classes, etc to offer my services. Our DONA rep will be trying to find me some clients, and I'm grateful for that. She is trying a new mentoring approach, so it's very exciting that I'd be partnering with her and learning from a seasoned doula. I'm hoping to see some results from all this. It's hard to be excited about a job when you hardly ever get to do it. I know I love it, and I know I'm good at it, but I guess passion gets lazy if you don't nurture it.