Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Latest

You turn your back for TWO seconds, and the whole place falls apart. He's such a boy.

I think it's Love....sigh...

The snow was too deep for Graedon to play in, so we brought it inside.

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Bethany said...

Hi, Emilie! Thank you for your comment on our blog....sorry it's been a while since you posted that! I am enjoying reading all about you and your beautiful family!
Yes, the baby in the pic was a newborn! All 9 pounds of her...that's BIG for a Filipino baby! She's was a tank and is just beautiful now- a year later.
As for the future, my hubby and I are not sure exactly....we may be moving to India or to Zambia...whatever the Lord desires...because of the water filtration project, we may just go where the need is greatest and then I will practice midwifery there as it is ALWAYS needed. :) My certification will come from the states and being a US citizen, I shouldn't have any problems working overseas. However, if I so choose to do midwifery in Canada, which may happen in the far away future...I dunno...I will have to get re-certified and take a 7-month course in Alberta, then apply in British Columbia. Not too keen on that. I have a degree in elementary education, so if need be, I will do that before doing midwifery in Canada. :) Our heart is overseas, though. We'll see what the Lord does....for now, I just want to be done with my studies and learn to be a good mommy to my Lady Bird. :)
What about you? What's next on the adventure?