Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!

I guess there is no avoiding it. Children grow up. Maddie turned 5 on the 4th, and yesterday she had her first "big girl" party. She got to choose the guests, they came bearing gifts, and thanks to the warmer weather of -6 degrees, they played outside! That was my favourite part!

Maddie, blowing out her 5 candles. On the first try, she left 3 still lit, so I yelled out, "Three boyfriends!" Everyone looked at me weird, so I guess that's not a custom they observe in this province. Just as well. She's not allowed to date until her thirties anyway! :P

The kids played "Tape the Parts on the Snowman", "Spray Paint the Snow" and sliding. They came inside for cake and icecream, opened presents, played in Maddie's room and gorged themselves on Sweet Tart Sour candy. Busy, busy, busy.

After all the excitement, Mad fell asleep with her new Glow Bear tucked under one arm. She'll always be my baby.

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