Saturday, February 14, 2009


Tuesday night - another ethnic cooking class! This time, we were asked to get up and help cook the meal, so it was much more interactive than the first class. It was German night. We made schnitzel "wienerart", apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce and potato salat. She split us into groups, and we each made one of the dishes.

Our group was the potato salat. She brought a bag of NB potatoes and filled up a huge pot with potatoes straight from the bag and asked us to boil them whole, with the skins on. Sounds fine, right? The thing is, NB potatoes are unwashed and some were as big as two fists. We asked if she wanted us to wash them first, but no. Should we peel them? No, it tastes better with the skins on. So, with visions of botulism and parasite eggs, we boiled the dirty whole potatoes. In the end, the potatoes took over an hour to boil, and the water was mud. And you know what? They tasted awesome. I think the boiling killed any critters. :)

The potato salat also had cut up salami in it. Our group cubed the meat, but it was only after everything was said and done that we noticed that we had forgotten to take off the wax "skin" from the sausage before cutting it up. We discreetly picked wax paper from our salat!

Still, best potato salat I ever tasted.

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