Sunday, February 22, 2009

They's Coming!

I am very excited! We're having visitors this week, so I've been trying to move my schedule around to allow me some free time to spend with my brother and sis-in-law. They're taking the red-eye bus from Montreal and should be here some time tomorrow. When they visit, we cram in as much family time as we can. That usually means playing games, hanging out and generally doing nothing special in an effort to recreate what it would be like if they lived here all the time. No convincing them, though. As my sis-in-law once said, "I like knowing that if I want to have coffee at 3 am, I can just go out and get it."

One of the local women replied, "well, you could make coffee", but that wasn't the point.

I love visiting Montreal. I like Chinatown, public transportation, caf├ęs, different cultures, the free festivals, the port, the markets selling everything from durian fruit to baklava to fresh fish and everything in between...the last time Maddie was there, she raved for days about taking the bus and the train (metro). On the car ride home, I entertained her for hours by drawing pictures of the subway.

I can't wait!

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