Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Underground Movement

This week we're learning about how animals get ready for winter. Bears hibernate, foxes adapt, geese migrate, insects...hmm, what do insects do? I wasn't quite sure, so we went on an insect hunt. Armed with a Mason jar to collect the little critters, we hit the yard. We looked under rocks, in holes, on branches, dug in the garden...and that's where the trouble started.

Looking for bugs quickly turned into an underground adventure. I was ordered to dig, but after a few minutes of scraping, the hole was pronounced too small to fit all three of us in. Maddie gave it a shot, but found the rake too awkward. She ran inside the house to put on some work gloves (winter mitts), and knelt in the mud to get the job done. Still, after a few more minutes, she was only up to her ankles. I suggested we wait for Daddy to come and help us with some bigger tools (I was sick of digging), but Maddie had a better idea. She ran to our friendly neighbour's to ask if she could borrow the tractor! She came back 10 minutes later, heartbroken, to announce that her dear Grammy Margaret - the adopted grammy from next door - didn't believe her in her quest for the underground. They also wouldn't let 4 year old Maddie borrow the tractor. Darn.

We did find out what bugs do during winter. They hide - I mean, hibernate. We also ended up with a load of muddy laundry, a bath, mud all over the floors and what appears to be an empty mason jar upended on Madeleine's bed. Oh dear.

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