Monday, November 3, 2008


We've been unofficially homeschooling for a couple years. Madeleine is 4 1/2 years old, and Evangéline just turned 3. Here are some photos of what you can expect to see on a school day at our house! Keep in mind, some of these pictures are from Halloween week. We don't always do pumpkin math!

One of the great things about homeschool - you can wear your tooth fairy costume all day, every day! Here, Maddie is working on the number 6.

This week, we are talking about how animals prepare for winter. We are learning about hibernating, migrating and adapting. People adapt by eating lots of food, wearing winter coats and building fires in our homes.

We made cupcakes - this taught Maddie motor skills (peeling the paper cupcake holders apart, placing them in the cups, scooping, filling, cracking the eggs, etc), fractions (okay, tell me when the oil gets to 1/3), comparisons (are all the cups filled the same amount?), following instructions, and PATIENCE (are they ready yet???).

Pumpkin math. I had no idea Maddie could do this until Richard taught her using her fingers.

Eva is barely 3, so I don't push her to do too much. She has her own workbook that she colours. For the most part, she can keep up with Maddie on most subjects.

Apple picking field trip during "Where does our food come from?" week.

Field Trip during "Where does our food come from" week. We visited Grampy's work at the farm. This pic shows Eva feeding the calves.

Grampy showing where milk comes from. The girls were allowed to taste the fresh milk, but it wasn't a big hit!

Grampy and Eva feeding a newborn calf.

Maddie has other activities during the week. This takes care of the "S" word - socialization! Here she is getting ready for her first day of school readiness (like preschool). Obviously, she intends to ride her horse there :) . She also goes to gymnastics, and they both go to Sunday School, Cubbies and visiting friends.