Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Here, It's Here!!!

I am so excited! I've been looking for a copy of "Birth Reborn" by Michel Odent for quite a while now. Finally, I found one on E-bay for very little mullah. I haven't gotten very far in reading it, but here I am taking a quick peek...

Sadder news, now - Graedon was injured this week. He caught his little finger in the hinges of my office door. It bled like a stuck pig, and his pinky was squished almost flat. I was almost sure he'd need stitches and an x-ray, but while I was on the phone with Telecare, his finger sprang back into a finger shape and the nurse suggested keeping an eye on it at home. It bled for quite a while after that, so I put a band-aid on it. Now, 10 month olds don't do so well with band-aids. Actually, they eat band-aids. So, I rigged up a band-aid protector with one of my (clean) socks and safety-pinned the sock to his sleeve. Graedon is fine now. Here's a picture of my invention:

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cuddles said...

Love your band-aid protector idea! My 8.5 month old cut his fingers on the heater in his bedroom last week (I was right there... they move so fast!) and I was shocked at how much he bled. I was beginning to think that it would need a band-aid, and shuddered at the idea. The two fingers he cut were the same two fingers he sucks to pacify himself, so you know the band-aid would have ended up lodged in his throat! I ended up holding him for a long while and applying pressure to his fingers. I'm totally going to steal your idea if anything like this ever happens again.