Friday, November 21, 2008

Breasts and the Rest

Sorry, no pics for this one. LOL

Well, this has been a different kind of week. Today was the day I was to job shadow with a midwife in Maine. This has been months in the making, so I've been counting down the days. Then, last night, I started feeling not so good. Really not so good. First was the nausea, then my skin started to hurt, my hair started to hurt. My body started aching, I got so cold I couldn't stop shaking despite the fireplace on full crank and the winter jammies and pile of blankets. Then, I was too hot. No sleep, and a killer headache. I figured that this crazy week had done me in and I'd given myself the flu. But, no, as I stepped into the shower I noticed it - red, puffy and tender to the touch - I've got Mastitis.

I cancelled everything for that day, job shadow included. I hope she will understand and allow me to re-book with her.

I spent 3 hours in the emergency room to get an antibiotic prescription. I knew what I had, I knew what I needed, but no doctor will fill a prescription without actually checking me out. So, I sat and sat and sat. Finally, I was ushered into the ER treatment area and as soon as the nurse asked me how I was, I started bawling. All I could manage was, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so t-t-tired!" She was a sweetheart, though, and talked with me a bit.

Finally, a doctor and nurse came to see me. The poor doctor was clearly uncomfortable. He asked me how old my baby was, and when I said 10 months, he responded, "That's quite old to be nursing." At my chilly stare, he swallowed, and sputtered, "That's the perfect age to nurse." I would have smiled, but I just wanted out of there. Finally, he asked that I change into a gown while he stepped behind a curtain. The nurse fussed and made sure I was covered up. When he returned, gloved up, he apologetically prodded and pressed. He reminded me of a shy, awkward 14 year old boy - not sure what to do with his hands. I think they're so afraid of being slapped with a sexual harrassment suit that they have to be extra careful.

Anyway, I left with my prescription, too late to go to the Dr. Jack Newman conference, and frankly, too sick to care all that much. Although, I'm pretty sure I saw him cross the hospital foyer with a crowd of doctors surrounding him - perhaps hoping to woo him to our little hospital. That would be nice.


cuddles said...

It's kind of ironic... a doctor saying such a terrible thing about you breastfeeding your baby with Dr. Newman in the building.

I think if I had been in your state I might have had a few choice words for the doctor.

Emilie said...

You know, when I got home, I thought of a dozen things I could have said. At the time, though, I was a complete blank. It's the white coat syndrome - can't think of a single smart thing to say when I'm in front of the doc...:(