Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank You For...

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (for us Canucks, that is), this week will be filled with turkeys, pumpkins, pilgrims and thankfulness. Our first Thanksgiving craft was a Thank You wreath.

For this craft, you need:

A circle, about 12 inches across. I used a cake bottom from the store. That was very handy since it had a tab in which to poke a pushpin through for a hanger.

Leaf cutouts, done ahead of time for little ones, or un-cut if your kids are handy with the scissors.



A banner that says "Thank You For..."

On half the leaves you will want to write something for which you are thankful. My girls were especially thankful for their animal friends.

Glue a layer of blank leaves on the wreath. Then, glue the leaves with the words on top, leaving a spot to paste the banner. If you have older kids, or craftier mamas, then you could spiff the wreath up with nuts or berry garlands, or anything you want!

Be sure to hang it where everyone will see it unless you forgot to put someone's name on there, and then you should hang it where that person won't see it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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