Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy January?

I haven't blogged about doula-ing in quite some time. Like anything in life, being a doula has it's slow times and it's busy times. Something new has come up, though!

I've been keeping in touch with a couple midwives around here in hopes of being able to help them out at births. I've offered them my assistance doing anything from cleaning up the mess, making tea and even sitting in the corner with my mouth shut, but nothing much came of it. In the last week, though, I've had a call from an expectant mother hoping for a homebirth, a midwife with a client due in January, and a second midwife with a client due in January and another in February!

Nothing is for sure as of yet. The moms still have to give their okay for me to be present. However, it's a huge step in the right direction. To even be considered for a birth is an honour. I really hope I am able to sit in on births with the midwives. It would give me some experience seeing natural birth, and also give me an opportunity to learn from them. So far my births have all been in hospital, so homebirth will be new territory for me. A welcome territory, to be sure!

So, Friday I will meet with one of the midwives. Wish me luck!


cuddles said...

Ooooh! Good luck Emilie!

I really need to start thinking about the doula thing and make a decision soon. I'm such a procrastinator. :(

Emilie said...

You're due in the spring, right? Doulas usually start meeting clients in their 3rd trimesters, but depending on how busy they are you might want to reserve a spot. If you let me know where you are in NB, I can send you some names and e-mail addresses of some doulas. my e-mail is er_patterson@yahoo.ca if you don't want to announce your whereabouts to the entire blogging world! :)